Introduction of The Movie Project

I saw the movie, Julie and Julia this summer and enjoyed it. And I actually have had a on-line journal before, but I never posted to it daily, and it had no focus. And although I found the “Julie and Julia Project” interesting – I’m no gourmet cook. But the idea must have been percolating in my brain because over the Thanksgiving Holidays the idea came to me that I could start a similar-themed blog, but, instead of cooking – I could re-watch and review all 166 movies in my collection. I’ve often posted movie reviews, DVD reviews, and even book reviews to my original on-line journal — but this would be more focused, and disciplined. I liked the idea in the movie of having a deadline, and a year sounded good to me.  But I wanted to start right away, so I’m going to start now, in December, but give myself until the end of 2011.  So 13 months to watch 166 films and review them. That’s still three films a week. And I do remember how much I enjoyed film studies class in college because I was able to go and see a movie every week, in the school’s movie theater. And I love writing about film, so I think I will enjoy this.  I certainly hope so.

The Rules

1.  Movies come from my personal collection, so for the most part, it can be assumed that I like the film or bought it for some reason.
2.  Movies will be watched in Alphabetical Order, with one exception.  (A, An, The, not included in alphabetizing).
3.  Exception to Rule #2 — movies in a definite trilogy (or similar grouping) will be watched in sequence, not alphabetically. Thus – it will be Fellowship of the Ring/Two Towers/Return of the King and HP / Sorcerer’s Stone / Chamber of Secrets/Prisoner of Azkaban / Goblet of Fire – not Fellowship/return/towers or Chamber of secrets/goblet/prisoner/sorcerer’s stone.
4.  Extra feature MOVIES on a DVD set will be watched, but not all extra features will be watched or re-watched. I will try to list extra features in my reviews, however. Examples of extra feature movies are Van Helsing – which came with Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Wolfman.  However, all four will be watched alphabetically.
5.  Although listed on my list (for my own convenience) documentary films will probably not be watched unless I have extra time at the end.
6.  I will also attempt to review movies that I catch at the theater – depending on time.
7.  I have my list printed out and also saved as an Excel file, but I’m not going to post it so I can surprise people.  But I will answer questions.  🙂

And finally, an FYI – I work 8am-5pm M-F, so expect more watching and writing on the weekends, but I will still try to stick to a three-a-week schedule.

Also, very importantly – comments are welcome. I think it’s fun to not just write about movies but to discuss them. Flames, however, will be used to toast marshmallows. Or reported to your ISP – you have been warned.