Bringing Up Baby

  • Title: Bringing Up Baby
  • Director: Howard Hawks
  • Studio: RKO Radio Pictures
  • Date: 1938
  • Genre: Classic, Romance, Comedy
  • Cast: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant
  • Format: Black & White, Standard
  • DVD Format: R1, NTSC, 2-disc Special Edition

Bringing Up Baby is a classic and very funny “screwball comedy”. It’s simply a joy to watch. Cary Grant plays a “zoologist” (Considering he’s building a brontosaur skeleton for a museum, he’s more likely an archeologist, anthropologist, or paleontologist. Zoologists study living animals) who keeps running into Susan Vance (Hepburn), an heiress who seems to never stop talking or take five seconds to consider the consequences of  her actions. Grant is also due to get married – something Hepburn foils by keeping him busy on her Aunt’s estate in Connecticut. Though there is very little plot, the film is brilliantly funny – from Hepburn and Grant walking out of a very fancy restaurant pressed close together to hide the fact that Hepburn has lost the train and backside of her skirt – to various shenanigans chasing her pet leopard, Baby, the film is laugh out loud funny.

Cary Grant plays an out-of-his-depth professor perfectly, confused and confounded throughout – until he finally realizes how he feels about Susan. Whereas, Katharine Hepburn is at her screwball comedy best, talking a mile a minute without ever making sense.

The dialogue in the film is fast and furious and frequently overlaps – working to add to the pace and the hilarious nature of the film. Truly, not a film to be missed.

Recommendation: See it! — What are you waiting for?
Rating: 4 out of 5
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