Getting Along in the Digital World

All the walls popping up between the rival social empires are getting absurd. Imagine if Ford built a series of freeways where Chevys, Hondas, and other makes were banned – that’s Google . Imagine if the Chevy Malibu drove at half speed on anything other than Chevy-owned freeways – that’s Facebook’s Instagram. Imagine if the California state freeway department Caltrans started building their own cars to discourage people from driving around in the half-speed Chevys – that’s Twitter.

Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down This Wall | Wired Business | (via thisistheverge)

I love this — it’s a great sum up!  I use a lot of different “Social Media” sites (Live Journal, Linked IN, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and now Tumblr) and guess what?  I use them for different things!  I’ve set up some auto-links between them now (chiefly from Twitter to elsewhere because that’s SO easy), but even then, that means I’m now getting double-posts on Facebook, and stuff that makes absolutely no sense out of context on Live Journal.  Seriously, can’t we all just get along in the digital world?


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