Fan-led ‘Behind The Sofa’ Doctor Who book helps charity


A book which brings together celebrities’ memories of watching Doctor Who has generated more than 20,000 pounds for a Cambridge-based charity.

Behind The Sofa includes recollections from famous faces including Jonathan Ross, Lynda Bellingham, Al Murray and Martina Cole.

It has been put together by author Steve Berry in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, in memory of his mum Janet who died with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2009.

It also includes recollections from a host of former stars of the long-running series, including Hugh Bonneville and Tracy-Ann Oberman, with illustrations by artist Ben Morris.

More info about the book here.

I’d love a copy of this book!

Fan-led ‘Behind The Sofa’ Doctor Who book helps charity


Jullian G. Mortimer: The Writer Blog: “My Top 5 Movies of 2012” or “Jullian spends too much time at the cinema”



#5. Cloud Atlas
The only way I can truly think of to describe this film is “complex”. There are a vast number of themes, storylines, and characters which all attempt to weave together into a coherent whole. A few very questionable choices aside (the makeup in particular lends to some……

YES — I agree with all of these.  I’d put “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” ahead of “The Avengers”, and possibly “Cloud Atlas” ahead of “The Hobbit” but all five of these are what I’d call “buy on DVD worthy”.  In other words, all five are movies I would watch again, and again, and again.  And yes, I loved “The Dark Knight Rises”.  I saw it three times in the theater.  ”The Avengers” I saw twice but only ‘cause a friend dragged me to it (not that I minded) the second time.  I will probably see “The Hobbit” multiple times.  I’d like to see “Cloud Atlas” again but it was on it’s way out of movie theaters when I saw it.

Jullian G. Mortimer: The Writer Blog: “My Top 5 Movies of 2012” or “Jullian spends too much time at the cinema”

Neil Gaiman: “This is a bookshop, not a reading library…”


I love reading books inside Barnes and Noble, but once I had a very grouchy and rather upset woman tell me that the store in which I was reading was not a library. 🙂 What is your favorite classic book?

You are not a proper reader unless somewhere, at some…

I love “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Oliver Twist”.  The first time I read “Oliver Twist” it was actually quite a shock to me… I was used to all the musical and cartoon versions of the story.  I’d never read it in school.  So I was quite surprised when you had things like a 13-year-old prostitute and Billy Sykes (sp?) putting a gun to Oliver’s head to force him to steal.  In other words, very shocking violence & social “issues” for what I thought would be a quaint Victorian novel.  (OK, now I know BETTER, but I was younger then).  ”A Tale of Two Cities” I simply love for the poetry of the writing.

If you meant e-reader… I still have my Sony.  It’s old, and it doesn’t have the bells & whistles of the newer tablets.  But I still like it. 🙂

Neil Gaiman: “This is a bookshop, not a reading library…”

Doctor Who: would Star Trek’s William Shatner make a good Master? | Radio Times

“Is The Master coming back? Who knows?” said Matt Smith last night at the launch of the Doctor Who Christmas special. It’s one of many questions surrounding next year’s 50th anniversary.

But if the Doctor’s arch nemesis did return to wish him happy birthday and destroy the world, who would play him?

John Simm is the most recent actor to fill the role of the evil Time Lord but if he was to regenerate who would Smith like to see take his place?

“We’d love to have William Shatner on Doctor Who I’m sure. He’s a sci-fi God! He’d be great,” Smith told Getty, before adding “John Simm is pretty damn good in the role, though”.

And the answer is… no.  As much as I like Shatner (he can be VERY funny), I don’t think he’s right for The Master.  Plus I doubt he could do an English accent.  However, Sir Patrick Stewart, now there’s an idea.  Stewart would be a GREAT Master! Or any other role they could get him for! — JM, Bitch with Wi-Fi

Doctor Who: would Star Trek’s William Shatner make a good Master? | Radio Times

The Devil in the Smoke – Doctor Who e-book


Devil in the Smoke: An Adventure for The Great Detective now available as an e-book

Madame Vastra, the fabled Lizard Woman of Paternoster Row, knew death in many shapes and forms. But perhaps one of the most bizarre of these was death by snow…

On a cold day in December, two young boys, tired of sweeping snow from the workhouse yard, decide to build a snowman – and are confronted with a strange and grisly mystery. In horrified fascination, they watch as their snowman begins to bleed…

The search for answers to this impossible event will plunge Harry into the most hazardous – and exhilarating – adventure of his life. He will encounter a hideous troll. He will dine with a mysterious parlour maid. And he will help The Great Detective, Madame Vastra, save the world from the terrifying Devil in the Smoke.

Here’s the Amazon US link and the Amazon UK link.

Also: here’s the Tumblr of the artist who illustrated the cover:


A few weeks ago I designed the cover for the new Doctor Who BBC e-book, ‘Devil in the Smoke’ (a prequel to the Christmas Special). It is published on 18 December.

Update (9/7/2014): Obviously I didn’t design this. I found the announcement and links on Tumblr. However, the story sounds awesome, as I really, really love Jenny, Strax, and Mde. Vastra.

PS:  After checking out the links (The UK version is not available in the US) I found this is only available through Amazon US in two forms, as an audio CD read by Dan Starkey (Strax) or as a Kindle e-book novella.  However, if you don’t own an actual Kindle, you can get around that by downloading the e-book and reading it using the free Kindle app on any device that supports it, such as an Android tablet.

– JM, Bitch with Wi-Fi

The Magic of the TARDIS


‘Doctor Who’: The Magic Of The TARDIS

So why is it so magical? What makes this time machine better than all the other time machines in time machine history (an unfinished history, written in non-chronological order for obvious reasons)? And can this information be organised into some kind of easy-to-digest list, for Twitter-addled brains to process, one nugget at a time?

I’m so glad I asked….

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