Jackson Hinting at Who Involvement?

Jackson Hinting at Who Involvement?


Update (9/7/2014):  Two years on, I still periodically see on-line rumors that Peter Jackson will direct a Doctor Who episode or two-parter.  And, while I think that would be terrific, Jackson is probably too busy, and the BBC certainly couldn’t afford him.  On the other hand, Jackson hired Sylvester McCoy for The Hobbit, and Ian McKellen had a voice-only role in the episode, “The Snowmen”.  Jackson also seems to be quite the fan of Doctor Who, and love for something often means more for getting a project done, than mere practicality, especially outside of Hollywood.  And Jackson has certainly put love of subject matter into the Lord of the Rings films and his Hobbit trilogy.  Time will tell, it always does. – JM, Bitch with Wi-Fi


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