Aspects of the Doctor – Photoset


Disclaimer: these are not meant to be defining characteristics of each Doctor. They are all meant to be facets of his personality overall 🙂

I especially love the caption — because that is whats unique about Doctor Who the actors ARE all playing aspects of the same person.  Pretty cool, actually.  —JM

PS:  I didn’t make this but I do love it.


6 thoughts on “Aspects of the Doctor – Photoset

    • No idea. I found it on Tumblr. And my knowledge level of pop music is pretty low. To give you an idea, my favorite composers right now are: Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold, and Howard Shore. Tho’ I must admit a certain fondness for Lady GaGa.


      • LoL. I know film, and TV, and I’m fairly good on pop culture (being on Twitter constantly helps) but I’m close to hopeless on music. But I swear every time Hans Zimmer scores a film – I’m first in line at Amazon.


    • Hey Deb,
      I watched the vid today. Wow. That is a great song and a really cool vid. The end is like something out of an SF movie or something. Is it from a film?
      The song would make a great music vid song for Doctor Who, Arrow, or any number of shows.
      –JM, Bitch with Wi-Fi


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