Technology Paradigm Shift – The App-lication of Everything


There is a seismic shift underway in the digital world that within a decade will completely transform the web into an App-o-verse. Several simultaneous trends are stacking up to change how we consume and create digital content, and platform companies are positioning themselves to enable the process. What we are seeing are the early stages of what I call, “The Appification of Everything.” This is not about adding more icons to your home screen, though, but about a fundamental shift in how we metabolize information and entertainment. The web as the universal storage medium is being superseded by the internet as universal flow medium. Instead of thinking about the web as a hierarchical tree of documents—a Wikipedia of Wikipedias—we need to start thinking about all of that content as an underlying service layer for application-based interfaces. (via The Appification Of Everything Will Transform The World’s 360 Million Web Sites – Forbes)

Interesting.  Because I don’t QUITE see it going this way, not unless we can get two other types of apps to be web based:  Word Processing software, and databases.  Yes, ok, I admit it, I’m old enough to still, in some corner of my mind, think of my PC as a really advanced typewriter.  But, even with all the pictures and video on the Web, it is STILL a domain of words.  And office productivity software is still a major need (eg:  Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Databases, design software like Visio, etc).  The other major need is databases.  I have yet to see ANY database apps, even for the average consumer.  Make that ESPECIALLY for the average consumer.  I personally know enough SQL to have set-up my own relational database in Microsoft Access (the only thing I can afford – I certainly can’t BUY Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise or Oracle DB, and neither would  fit on my 1TB hard drive anyway).  I suspect there’s a need out there for people who want to organize and catalog their stuff.  I know I’m obsessed with the idea.  After all, how many sixth graders do you know who meticulously typed up 3×5 index cards of their book collection?  I did.  These days, however, consumers, especially fans, WANT to keep track of their DVDs, books, e-books, comics, etc.  And even a non-fannish household should have a register of household goods for insurance purposes (and boy does THAT need to be in the cloud, a register doesn’t do any good if it’s destroyed WITH your house).  And not only information, but pictures… something that the newest versions of SQL Server allow. – JM (Bitch with Wi-Fi)

So, until Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Database programs exist as cheap or free apps, I’ll keep my desk top.


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