HBO Inks Exclusive, 10-Year Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix’s Hands


Good or bad idea?

BAD IDEA!!!!  Universal is already one of the worst providers of DVD content.  This demonstrates a determination to stick with an out-dated business model.  Entertainment companies can no longer horde their content and expect to somehow create a “lost treasure” pile that gains interest (as in savings account interest).  When consumers literally have thousands of options all vying for their their most precious commodity – their time, by not publishing content, all Universal and HBO are doing is creating a situation where no one will be interested in their content.  I can’t think of a quicker way to go bankrupt.

If HBO thinks that by doing this they can get more consumers to subscribe to their “exclusive” content — they are living in the 1980s.  Or maybe even the 1960s.  That might have worked when the US only had three television networks, but in a world where cable/satellite television alone provides hundreds of channels full of original programming this is truly an out-of-date pipe-dream.  Add in the Internet, DVD and Blu-Ray, games of all types, comics, movies, live events such as sports, and even good old-fashioned books, and the consumer doesn’t so much have to search for entertainment as he or she must find a way of whittling it down to the content most interesting and appropriate to their own interests and life.

HBO Inks Exclusive, 10-Year Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix’s Hands


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