Self-Driving Car


The Batmobile is real: Audi’s self-driving car picks you up on command

There are self-driving cars, then there are self-driving cars.

Today at CES, Audi showed me the former. The A7 parked in the cul-de-sac of Las Vegas’ luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel looked no different than any other that you might see on the street, but this was a special demonstrator of Audi’s “piloted driving” system for automated parking. It works like this: you walk out of the mall, you want your car. You open an app on your smartphone, press a button, and the car drives out to you. Pretty awesome — and it works the opposite way, too.

I so want one!  Valet service built INTO your car.  I imagine you can program it to turn on the heat, radio, and lights too.  TOO AWEOME!!!!


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