Inside Breaking News: A look at how we confirm stories in real time

NOTE:  The specifics in this story are from several months ago.  I found this story and posted the link to tumblr in April 2013 and parts it were out-dated then.  However, I’m fascinated with Citizen Journalism, though news organizations, such as Breaking News and others, need to take care and confirm information from Social Media before re-publishing it, especially when it’s re-published under their banner.


In the early stages of breaking news, there’s often a tremendous amount of conflicting information. Take this afternoon’s shooting at a psychiatric clinic in Pittsburgh as a prime example. For well over an hour, victim counts varied, and rumors of a second gunman and hostages dominated Twitter…

Fighting the “telephone” effect of Social Media and news.  (Note the specifics are from several months ago).

Inside Breaking News: A look at how we confirm stories in real time

Overall Humanity is good

True — and this is what sets Doctor Who apart from all other SF.  At the end of the day, all other TV SF, no matter how good, frequently has hopeful, optimistic, enthusiastic characters becoming cynical or depressed or simply pushed into corners to do terrible things.

IRL – don’t we have to  believe the whole is better than the sum of its parts?  If not just where are we heading?

You Are Not Alone


Powerful and so very true.

I love this quote.  Excellent positive thoughts.

Sassy Batman


Sassy Batman is sassy……

I love it!  And yeah, I read that in Kevin Conroy’s voice.