Boy Scouts Allow Gay Scouts – Still Ban Leaders


YAY: The Boy Scouts of America vote to allow openly gay youth to join!

NAY: Ban remains on gay scout leaders.

Good and bad news.  The Boy Scouts need to start somewhere, but this isn’t as good as we hoped. What bugs me about the whole thing is that the words in the Boy Scout motto about “being straight” have NOTHING to do with sexual orientation.  The word is clearly being used as a synonym of “honest” as in not breaking laws or doing any wrong to others.  After all, at the time the Boy Scouts were founded, the word, “gay” was routinely used in speech and writing to mean “a good time” or “fun”.  It’s still possible to find old movie posters and trailers from as late as the 1930s and early 1940s describing a “new” film as “The gayest musical of the year”. (No, seriously.)



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