Quotes – Dangerous Universe

The universe is relentlessly, catastrophically dangerous, on scales that menace not just communities, but civilizations and our species as well. A freakish chain of improbable accidents produced the bubble of conditions that was necessary for the rise of life, our species, and technological civilization. If we continue to drift obliviously inside this bubble, taking its continuation for granted, then inevitably—sooner or later—physical or human-triggered events will push us outside, and we will be snuffed like a candle in a hurricane.

John Tooby
Founder of field of Evolutionary Psychology; Co-director, Center for Evolutionary Psychology, Professor of Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara


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Doctor Who – Photosets – Clara

I’m an English teacher from the planet Earth and I’ve run off with a man from space because I really fancy him!

Sherlock – Photosets – Martin Freeman (b/w)


This is some serious acting, kids.