Raise the Minimum Wage and Lower Standard Hours!

And this is why the minimum wage needs to be raised, folks!  When the minimum wage goes up – everyone’s wage (well, those of us who aren’t born obscenely rich) ends up having THEIR wages go up!  What do Conservatives think, anyway?  If you’re making $16/hr, and they raise the minimum wage to $10/hr your wage will go down to $10/hr?  It does NOT work that way.  If min wage goes up to $10/hr your $16/hr wage will automatically go up to $18 or $20/hr.  That’s how it works.

But here’s an idea:  rather than some arbitrary number – base the minimum wage on actual costs of living.  Find out the average cost for a two bedroom apartment in the five most expensive cities in the US, add the costs of heat, cooling, electricity, water, internet, and cable TV (the last two because thanks to the death of analog – you can no longer get even emergency information over the air – you have to have at least basic cable.  And Internet & TV bring basic info to all.), add in average costs for gas / public transport, food / groceries, clothing, medical care, then bump that up 10% for life costs.  THAT number – whatever it is, should be the new minimum wage.

Also – we need to stop working people to death who have jobs.  40 hours a week might have been fine for factory workers who tightened the same nut on the same bolt for 8 to 10 hours a day; but today most of us work in offices – and we need to think.  The average work week should be 30 hours a week, not 40 (benefits also start at 30 hours not 40).  That’s six paid hours a day.  Experts agree that one should always take breaks every two hours when studying – much more than that, and the brain can’t absorb any more information, or consciously spit it out.  Two hours is a bit generous, but work three hours, take a half hour break AWAY FROM YOUR DESK, have a meal, then work three hours.  Productivity would go up, and people would be happier.  Parents could spend time with their kids.

For businesses, who would no doubt complain there’s too much work for such a bold plan – hire a second shift.  This would DOUBLE the number of jobs, instantly.  And there would be an ripple effect too – more people means – more office space, which means construction jobs.  People need desks, computers, office supplies – that means more jobs, it goes on and on.

The US is a consumer economy – give Americans more money in their wages, and they will spend it – adding to the economy and even more jobs.

The Cities Where Even 3 Minimum Wage Jobs Won’t Pay the Rent


By the way – Republicans not only do not want to raise minimum wage, thus keeping the majority of Americans in wage-slave poverty, but they actually want to banish it.  VOTE THE BOZOS OUT!

Ripper Street – Photosets – Homer Jackson


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Graphical Evidence of Hollywood’s Discrimination against Older Women



Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

There are more charts if you click through.

It took me a long time to realise why the male age line isn’t straight, but it’s because the years along the bottom axis aren’t equally spaced. Good visualisation of a depressing point, otherwise.

A very visual interpretation of Hollywood’s attitude towards women.  After 30 or 35, women no longer get good roles in Hollywood (they do in Britain though – see Dame Judi Dench, Helen Mirran, Diana Rigg, etc).  However, some leading men continue to be cast as romantic leads despite their age, Richard Gere being a prime example.  I’d like to see Morgan Freeman on this same chart, especially as he often plays parts without a female romantic lead tied to his role (e.g. the Batman Dark Knight trilogy, Now You See It, Bruce & Evan Almighty, etc).

But this is a very good example, a visual example, of how Hollywood discriminates against women, especially as they get older.

Oddly enough, Hollywood also discriminates against short men – forcing them into comedic roles.  (When’s the last time you saw a Hollywood Blockbuster with a lead who was less than six feet tall?)

Sherlock, Star Trek, Time Travel, & Pon Farr



So we just had an experienced Sherlockian / Trekkie (original trekkie/ sherlockian of many years) ask Lyndsay Faye if there could ever be a story where Pon Farr and a time traveling space ship is how Sherlock Holmes came to be.

Excuse me but this is an amazing convention.


OK – I had to read that three times to figure it out, but, man… yes.  Doesn’t explain Mycroft though.