Game of Thrones as a Reality Show – Photosets


Game of Thrones as a reality show

Sansa and Petyr – Game of Thrones


If anyone is destined to kill Petyr, I want it to be Sansa. But not because she hates him, wants revenge etc., but as a part of her own game of thrones. That would show us that she has learnt Littlefinger’s lessons and is capable of continuing the game, partly His game.

But, of course, I’d prefer if they just rule together. 😀

OK – my favorite characters on Game of Thrones are the strong women – Dernarys (sp?), Arya, even Cat (before, well, we all know what happened, right?), Brianne.  Sansa is a bit of a victim.  But maybe she will grow and learn.  Maybe she will get in touch with her inner shield-maiden and stop thinking about “what’s a good catch” and “who can I marry?”  Heck – I think it would be awesome if she realised how gentle Tyrion really is – and fell in love with him.

Catherine Tate – Good Advice

Catherine Tate’s Naked Truth for Gok Teens (x)

Wi-Fi on the Moon?


The Moon is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Complimentary Wi-Fi is so commonplace that a business advertising its “hotspot” in the window seems somewhat passé. But a new hotspot location should impress even the most jaded among us: For the first time, scientists have demonstrated it’s possible to beam a wireless Internet signal across the 238,900 miles separating Earth from the moon. The demonstration, done by researchers at NASA and MIT, means that future moon explorers could theoretically check in at Mare Imbrium and post lunar selfies with greater speed than you do from your home network. The team will present its findings June 9 at the CLEO laser technology conference in California. (via The Moon is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot – D-brief |

Wi-Fi on the MOON?  So why is my home network so slow?

Doctor Who on DVD List

The following is a list of all the Classic and New Who Episodes available on DVD.  In general, Classic Stories are available as single title release DVDs, though some of the individual titles are available in box sets.  Episodes made prior to 1970 were filmed in black and white.  In general, the New Who (2005 – ) stories are available in season box sets and in DVD or Blu-Ray format.  Some of the New Who stories were also released individually (such as the specials) and the Matt Smith stories are available in half-season sets as well.  Please note “season” and “series” are used interchangably to describe a single year of the series (even an academic year). Quick note on my personal short hand – these lists originally came from Excel, and to save space a / symbol denotes “of the”, as in “Day / Daleks” means “Day of the Daleks”.

Yes, I assembled this list and posted it to tumblr myself.  I did not make the “Quote-cloud” pics, I found those on Facebook, I think, but I do think they are awesome!

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton

Jon Pertwee

Tom Baker 1974 – 1981

Peter Davison

Colin Baker

Sylvester McCoy

Paul McGann – The Eighth Doctor – FOX/BBC TV Movie

Note:  To understand the Eighth Doctor better listen to some of the Big Finish full cast audio CDs.  There is also an excellent series of original paperback BBC Books novels of the Eighth Doctor Adventures.


The 9th-ish Doctor – Richard E. Grant
BBCi Animated Special – The Scream of the Shalka 6 15-minute episodes.

Doctor Who – The Infinite Quest, Animated, Starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman

Doctor Who – Dreamland, Animated, Starring David Tennant


Christopher Eccelston

David Tennant

Matt Smith

Additional Specials
Night of the Doctor – with Paul McGann
The Doctors Revisited 1-4
The Doctors Revisited 5-8
The Doctors Revisited 9-11
An Adventure in Time and Space, a docudrama about the very beginning and first years of the show.

Spin-Off Series

Torchwood – Two series, two mini-series.

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Five Seasons.

Doctor Who will continue this fall.

Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor.