Doctor Who DVD Master Post Updated – 2014

The following is an updated list of all the Classic and New Who Episodes available on DVD. In general, Classic Stories are available as single title release DVDs, though some of the individual titles are available in box sets. Episodes made prior to 1970 were filmed in black and white. In general, the New Who (2005 – ) stories are available in season box sets and in DVD or Blu-Ray format. Some of the New Who stories were also released individually (such as the specials) and the Matt Smith stories are available in half-season sets as well. Please note “season” and “series” are used interchangably to describe a single year of the series (even an academic year).

Yes, I assembled this list and posted it myself. I did not make the “Quote-cloud” pics, I found those on Facebook, I think, but I do think they are awesome!

William Hartnell

DW quotes Dr 1 William_Hartnell_Episodes

Patrick Troughton

DW quotes Troughton Patrick_Troughton_Episodes

Jon Pertwee

DW quotes - JP


Tom Baker, Part 1

DW quotes Tom Baker Tom-Baker_Episodes-part1

Tom Baker, Part 2

DW Indomitable Tom-Baker_Episodes-Part2

Peter Davison

DW Davison quotes Peter-Davison_Episodes

Colin Baker

A note about Colin Baker – during his tenure as the Doctor, the BBC changed the format a couple of times. His first story, The Twin Dilemma, is four half-hour parts – standard for Doctor Who. However, for the rest of the season, they changed the format to 45-minute “episodes” but stuck with the multi-part format. Therefore, Attack of the Cyberman (as well as the rest of the season)  is two 45-minute parts. However, the total length of the stories is roughly the same as the more traditional format, that is, two 45-minute parts equals four 30-minute parts; both are roughly 90 minutes.

Colin’s second season returned to the 30-minute parts format, but it was an umbrella story line called, “The Trial of a Time Lord”.

DW Colin Baker Quotes Colin-Baker_Episodes

Sylvester McCoy

After a hiatus, Doctor Who returned with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, the format returned to multi-part stories with 30-minute episodes.

DW quotes S McCoy Sylvester-McCoy-Episodes

The Wilderness Years 1990 – 1995

The BBC cancelled Doctor Who. Years later, it returned as a movie, co-produced by the BBC and FOX Broadcasting in the US.

DW Quotes Paul McGann Paul-McGann_Stories

The Wilderness Years, part 2 1995 – 2005


New Who

Christopher Eccleston

DW Quotes 9th dr Chris-Eccleston_S1_Eps

David Tennant

DW quotes Tennant David-Tennant_S2 David-Tennant_S3 David-Tennant_S4 David-Tennant_s4-5

Matt Smith

DW Quotes Smith Matt-Smith_S5 Matt-Smith_S6 Matt-Smith_S7

Peter Capaldi, 2014 –



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