Agile Update – Week 1

My first week using Agile for personal organization, overall, was successful.  Did I get everything done on every personal project I’m working on?  No, but I did make progress, and that’s the point.  The Agile “Mon Plan aka Vision”, “Daily Outcomes”, “Friday Reflect” structure gave me focus.  And, bonus, the positive emphasis helped me – it helped me to accomplish more, and to not beat myself up about what I didn’t accomplish (which always happened with To Do lists).  For me, personally, if I had a list of 30 items on a To Do list, even if I did 10 of them – I didn’t congratulate myself for doing those ten – I felt bad for not doing the remaining 20.  This system, or at least how I’m using it emphasizes the positive, with the daily outcomes, and by holding off on the “room for improvement” until Friday.  Oh, and I got through some work on Saturday and Sunday too – but, especially as my Internet was down most of the day, it felt more relaxing to do some personal project work on the weekend.


Professional Development

  • Finished reading the Agile issue of Intercom
  • Added the Intercom Author’s with Twitter addresses to my Twitter feeds, and to my Career-Tech Writing list
  • Read six professional development articles
  • Worked on article for Bright Wall/Dark Room

Blogging / Writing

  • Wrote Six Blog Posts, including a movie review for WordPress Blog (that was one per day!)
  • Caught up on watching new additions to movie collection (re-watch each to review)

My plan for this week includes:

  • Review 2-3 films
  • Write 2-3 blog posts
  • Read 1 Professional Development article per day
  • Start Professional Development Class in InDesign (registered today)
  • Do Pilates at home (Part of the getting in shape plan)
  • Start cleaning basement (about 1 sq. ft per day)
  • Update and finish article for Bright Wall/Dark Room
  • Goal:  Publication of an article in Bright Wall/Dark Room.
  • Goal:  Look into paid freelance writing/consider some real volunteer opportunity such as The Rapid.
  • Goal:  On-line professional publication, such as STC Intercomm magazine or a blog post on their website.

Let me know what you think

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