Agile Update – Week 2

This week was all about professional development and starting to learn InDesign. I finished reading the Oct 2014 issue of Intercom, my professional organization’s magazine (the STC), that was ten articles. I also read another professional development article. I also started reading a general quick and short book on Graphic Design (The Design book for Non-Designers by Robin Williams) and got about halfway through it. I’m also learning InDesign.

I wrote four blog posts this week, including a movie review post! And I wrote a book review on Goodreads. My older project to read all of the Doctor Who Missing Adventures (originally published in the 1990s is going well. I have some of them in paperback and the rest (bar one) as e-books. I only have fifteen left, including one BBC Past Doctor Adventure e-book (I’ve read the rest in paper).   This doesn’t include:  The PDAs Wolfsbane and Fear Itself which are 8th Doctor stories (which I’ll get to when I get to the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures – some of which I’ve read already); nor does it include:  Scream of the Shalka and The Infinity Doctors, both of which are also part of the PDA/EDA series.  Scream of the Shalka is the Ninth-ish Doctor story from BBCi, which I’ve now seen on DVD (I might just go ahead and read that after finishing the Doctor Who Missing Adventures books and before going on to The New Adventures (featuring the Seventh Doctor, published by Virgin also in the 90s).  I have no idea when The Infinity Doctors is supposed to be set, or which Doctor(s) it features, so I might read it after finishing The New Adventures and before reading the EDAs, since it was published by BBC Books.  And, of course, I’m reading other books too.  But it feels good to be close to finishing out the series.

What I’m proud of, besides getting a movie review up and posted for a very good but difficult movie (The Prestige), is that for the first time in a very long time I did Pilates at home – and for 20 minutes (two sets).  I’d feel better if I’d gotten to it more often last week – but at least it was a start.  And I actually when to a Meet-Up group and met some new people, which was awesome!

I’ve got one project I haven’t really been discussing on-line, and with all the new things I’ve been working on in professional development, that really took a back seat.  But for this week, that, blog writing, and professional development need to be my focus.  And Pilates three times this week!

Wish me luck and encouragement!

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