Agile Update – Week 3

This week was a bit slow, but I still managed to get a certain amount complete. I wrote three blog posts, including one movie review. I’d like to get the movie reviews up to two or three a week, but at least I’m back to getting some new reviews posted to my movie review blog and here on WordPress. I exercised once this week. Yes, that needs to go up too – but I hate exercising and I’m a busy person.  But considering how out of shape I am – exercising once a week is better than nothing, and I’m at least getting started. I found out that my church is having exercise classes once a week (yoga and Qigong – both things that sound interesting to me) starting in February. At this point, I’m planning on giving it a try. If I do that, and exercise once or twice a week on my own, I’ll be up to the recommended three times a week. Woo-hoo!

One major goal reached this week, is that I am now up to 200 followers on Twitter! That may not sound like much, but it’s a new personal best. Next goal: 225 or 250. A couple of hints I’m now following on Twitter – every day I check my new followers (in notifications) and send a “thank you” Direct message (DM) for the follow. Lately, I’ve also added that I hope they enjoy my tweets. I also check out the profile page for new followers. If they sound interesting (and it’s not a spam account of course) I follow back, and also add the account to my Twitter Lists for organization. This seems to get me more followers.

For professional development, I finished one book (see my review on GoodReads of The Non-Designer’s Design Book), plus read three professional on-line articles. I’m also up-to-date on my InDesign class.  I love the class and it is going very well. Oh, and that was another accomplishment -writing a review of The Non-Designers Design Book on GoodReads. Since joining that social network site, I’ve tried to review every book I read. Sometimes it’s not possible due to bad weather knocking out my Internet, but overall I’ve had good results.

Goals for next week

  • Three – five total blog posts, including two – three movie reviews
  • Exercise two – three times a week
  • Keep up with professional development.

I still like this system of time management, personal development, and professional development. It keeps me focused, and the positive nature (focusing on what you did do, rather than what you didn’t) is something that I really like. As an “over-achiever” (though I hate that term because it suggests there’s something wrong with achievement – especially personal and academic achievement) I have always had a tendency to take on too much, then focus on what I didn’t finish or get done, then become paralyzed in my strive for accomplishments. But with this system, because it’s so positive in it’s approach it makes it easier to pat myself on the back for what I did do, add to my goals, and not criticize myself for my short-comings. What more can one ask for organizing and improving one’s life?

Let me know what you think

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