Blogging Advice for Businesses – Review

I found this post this morning,  After a rocky start, “Maybe because, unless you’re one of the few people who actually like writing, business blogging kind of stinks.” – uh, would I have four blogs if I didn’t like writing? But, at least Rachel Sprung, the author, didn’t out-and-out state, “of course everyone hates writing,” which is one of the most annoying assumptions I see on business Internet sites. Anyway, after the predictable rocky start, the article gets into some good advice, which you may read for yourself if you’re interested.

I felt point three was the weakest. Yes, it’s common advice to speech-givers and writers to “start with a joke”, but, in today’s world – on-line a writer is literally addressing the world. What you might find funny can be very offensive to someone else.  Better to leave your funny posts and memes to separate posts that break-up your website flow, than to start every business-oriented or advice or how-to post with, “Did you hear the one about the corporate CEO, the accountant, and the IT professional who walked into the bar?” Metaphorically speaking of course. And, I know, I’ve been so turned-off by an offensive business post, that I’ve not only stopped reading – I’ve left sarcastic, angry comments on the post – much to my shame.  Anyway, I simply felt point three, like the introduction, was weak.

The other point I felt was weak, or rather, annoying, was that the “product”, a free download of templates, was mentioned five times plus a pop-up came up that actually covered the blog post I was reading.  I had decided to download the templates within a few paragraphs – it was totally unnecessary to remind me five times.

Overall, though there’s some good advice here, and always the acid test for me, there was advice I thought I could actually use.


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