How Not to Write a Social Media Advice Post

In contrast to the post I found earlier today Blogging Advice for Businesses Review, this post pretty much sums up what not to do:  Advertise your Business for Free

This post simply repeats the obvious. It doesn’t add any information that most people don’t already know. It’s important when posting on business topics, or social media topics, to add to knowledge, unless it’s a round-up post meant to synthesize information from several sources.  Or, if the post’s audience really are completely new to the topic (social media marketing in this case).

The “Advertise Your Small Business for FREE with Social Media” post only mentions Twitter and Facebook. I would add that Pinterest and youTube are also useful – Pinterest for pics of your items for sale, especially if you’re an artist (including crafts for sale such as homemade jewelry, pottery, leather goods, etc) and youTube for demos of your items (especially if done in an informative manner – not an infomercial. In other words, if you’re selling makeup – don’t just talk about why your make-up is better than someone else’s, do a make-up demo then mention “and you can buy the make-up used in these techniques from your friendly neighborhood Avon Lady” or whatever – then send customers to your website. Blogs are also good if you create new, shareable content on a regular basis.

Incidentally, Creative Professionals (artists, craftspeople, writers, graphic artists, musicians, bands, etc) can also benefit from using Social Media to get the word out about what you do. Getting the word out is half the battle in finding new clients, gigs, and opportunities.

The problem with the post isn’t that the information is wrong, or that it misleads the reader, but it simply doesn’t go far enough.  It could be improved by either getting into the deep details of social media marketing or by quoting reliable statistics, with citations, as to why a small business owner might want to use Social Media to reach new customers.


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