Music Video – Catherine the Great of Russia


Hey, using Lady Gaga to teach Russian History!  This article includes more information on Catherine the Great (Reign:  1762 -1796).  This video is also visually interesting, and well-edited.  I liked the use of Russian lettering, as well.

Usual Disclaimer:  Didn’t make it just found it.


Agile Update – Week 4

This week I came down with a sinus cold / infection, so I’ve been very tired and I thought I didn’t get very much done.  However, looking over my daily outcomes and Weekly Reflection I found that I did accomplish more than I thought.

  • Three blog posts written.  – This really is my minimum to goal, but I hit it!
  • Professional Development – I actually forgot to note this, but I did get my InDesign class work complete, and read at least one Professional Development article.
  • Joined Pinterest – meant as organization tool of professional development articles

Because I was under the weather I didn’t do any exercising this week.  I thought about it a few days, but it didn’t happen.  However, my Yoga class starts Wednesday, so that provides motivation.

Not a great week, but here’s to next week – Same Plan.

  • Write 2-3 Movie Reviews per week
  • Continue with InDesign Class, Do HW
  • Workout Pilates Flexability at least 3 times per week
  • Work on and submit Bright Wall / Dark Room Article
  • Attend Yoga and QiGong Classes