Agile Update – Week 5

Last week was a balanced week, with some accomplishments in each of the areas I’m working on. Even with my home Internet being out for most of the week, I accomplished the following:

  • Three blog posts written on WordPress
  • Worked on Article for Bright Wall/Dark Room on two different days.  This included doing some look-up work at the lab at school.  The article is mostly finished – I just want to re-watch and write-up my normal blog review for Memento, then polish off the article.  Wish me luck on publication!
  • Exercise – one set of pilates and started my Gentle Yoga class, which was an hour.  The exercise is helping my flexibility.
  • I’m up-to-date on my InDesign class, and I’m into the routine of class and homework in the lab.
  • Read three professional development articles.
  • Worked on cleaning out the basement.

Overall, it was a balanced week – some exercise, some professional development, some blogging. Having the Internet out at home for most of the week was frustrating.  However, it meant I was able to focus my writing on an article for a professional publication, which is exciting.  And, I finally was able to work on the basement again, something I haven’t worked on since last Summer.  Overall, I feel accomplished!

Using Agile as a guideline for my various projects and areas of my life where I’m trying to improve or accomplish something is working. The positive emphasis really helps. Even when things go wrong, such as not feeling well or my Internet not working at home, seem less disastrous when I can clearly see what I’ve managed to do despite problems. This really is working as an excellent program for organizing one’s life and accomplishing more.