Agile Update – Week 6

Last week was fantastic, despite still having a cold. I got five blog entries done, including two on technical topics. I’ve now published over 600 blog posts.

  • Wrote Agile Update Blog Post on WordPress
  • Wrote Blog Post (WordPress) – Using Styles in Microsoft Word
  • Posted Anthropology youTube vid to WordPress (Blog Post 600)
  • Wrote Blog Post on WordPress (How to update Acrobat properties Page / add articles to Calibre)
  • Wrote WordPress Blog article – RVW GL:TAS.

I’m also doing well on increasing my Twitter following, which tops 230 followers. That may not sound like much – but I’m not a celebrity, just a woman who loves to write and loves expressing myself through social media.

I also did well on professional development.

  • Finished Skill Review 1 & 2 at my college’s lab
  • Attended class finished one assignment.
  • Read four Professional Development Articles (Intercom Magazine).
  • InDesign Class – Finished Ch 5 – all in class assignments, HW, AND Quiz done.

At times I really love InDesign – it can be so creative and fun. But at other times, I find it extremely frustrating. Still, taking a class through my local community college is working out well. And it forces me to work on learning the program every week.

Because I wasn’t feeling well, my getting healthy initiative suffered – I didn’t even get to yoga class. However, I did use the new blender to make frozen juice drinks (ice cream plus orange juice or orange/carrot juice equals delicious!) and since I make them myself, no added sugar. And I didn’t even have to buy the blender, I found a boxed, never opened, never used blender in the basement – all I had to do was wash it out. (Fist pumps air) So, that’s an advantage of cleaning out the basement.

Needless to say, this week I really need to get back to yoga and doing Pilates at home. But I can’t forget working on blogging, reviews, InDesign, and professional development. And the basement needs a lot more work.  Still, this is working well, and I love this system.