Agile Update – Week 8

Last week was an extremely busy week. Thanks to a suggestion from Todd, who’s invited me on his podcast, I had a topic for the week, so I was able to do a total of eight blog posts. Since my normal goal is three to five posts a week, this was excellent. I normally follow the general blogging principle to not post more than once a day, with the exception of Mondays, where I sometimes do write two posts, one on Agile and one on another subject – such as a DVD review, or a technical topic.

I also managed to get to Yoga class again. I was going to go last week, after missing the week before due to being sick, but the class was canceled. Still, it was good to get to class this week.

Speaking of the podcast – I purchased a new headset, and talked to Todd about the podcast and we hammered out a topic and structure. I need to get together notes and such this week, but last week’s blog posts were all prep, not to mention being fun to write.

And last week was simply busy personally – I visited a friend in the hospital, went to the movies with another friend (we saw Kingsman, which I’ve now seen twice – it’s awesome!), and even saw Shakespeare’s King Lear with my Mom. King Lear was awesome, it was recorded in HD by Fathom Events at the Stratford (Ontario) Shakespeare Festival, then ran in my local movie theater. I love this system, as most real theatre is too far away and too expensive for me to see. I’ve occasionally seen live theatre in Toronto and Chicago, and when I lived in Milwaukee I saw theatre all the time, but I’ve never even been to New York City, much less seen a Broadway play on Broadway. Though, that is something I’d love to do.

Overall, last week was a very successful week.

For this week, I’m hoping to have time to re-watch and review Memento and it would be good to do the same with Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as well. Once I’ve reviewed Memento, I can go over my essay for Bright Wall/Dark Room and actually submit it.  Something I’m extremely nervous about – but you can’t succeed without trying, right?

I’m on Spring Break from my class this week, but I have to finish my Mid-Term project in the computer lab – I’m hoping to have it done by Wednesday. Hopefully, this means I’ll have more time to do other things, especially getting back to my movie review project.

Using Agile methodology is helping me to accomplish more. I’ve found that even with my natural tendency to really emphasize one thing, by using this method I can say to myself, “I’ve really emphasized blog writing this week – next week I better focus on career development.” Or, the reverse. And I feel good about my accomplishments, without beating myself up for the things that simply didn’t get done. This really is a good personal and professional improvement program, as I’m using it.