Agile Update – Week 9

Last week was pretty good overall, and there were two things I did that I’m very proud of. First, I submitted an article to a professional on-line film magazine. This is important to me because I overcame my fear of rejection, and just did it! Mind you, I’ve been planning the article out for weeks, and doing research, and even though hitting that “send button” was very scary, I did it! Now, it’s in other hands to see if it’s accepted. I desperately hope so (I’m somewhat expecting a “yes, but please do these edits” – if it’s a flat out ‘no’ I’ll be upset, but I’m determined to keep trying.) Publishing something, something real, is one of my long term goals, so taking that first step is very exciting!

The second thing that I was able to do that I’m excited about was recording a podcast segment. This was actually much easier than I expected. I did write out notes, and then I went off script a few times to provide even more information. I think I did fairly well, especially considering that I get really nervous about speaking in public (I more or less pretended I wasn’t really talking to an audience.) The other thing is I think the experience might make it easier for me to deal with situations like job interviews. Job interviews terrify me. I feel slightly better about phone interviews – but even there, I think I sometimes handle it in too casual a fashion. Still, my recording went well, both the technical part of using Audacity to record, and in terms of content, a Geek 101 on Doctor Who. The podcast should be up next week, and I will post here when I have the exact details. I have the normal .url and such, of course, but things happen and I just don’t want to say more least I jinx it.

This past week I wrote and posted five posts to WordPress, including a movie review that was also posted to my Blogger account. That project, to review all the movies in my DVD and Blu-Ray collection, is moving along, and I have only one more film to watch (again) and review to be caught-up to where I left off in my alphabetical reviews. But I’m happy that I got a movie review complete and that I also wrote five blog posts in total here on WordPress. For the last couple of weeks, the more I’ve written the more I’ve wanted to write, and that is a very good thing.

Another project I’ve been working on, and this started last week, is that I’m going through my posts on WordPress and cross-linking them. This is something that is supposed to help with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, according to all the marketing stuff I read for Social Media marketing. I’m trying to learn more about Social Media Marketing for work, that is, professionally, and I can’t help but try to use some of the suggestions on my own blogs and Social Media accounts. Anyway, for this blog, when I review movies, I see absolutely no point in reviewing a film as a stand-alone item, as if it’s the only film that’s ever been made. I’m now going through my posts, and where there are mentions of other films I’ve reviewed, I’m turning those mentions into links. I’m also doing a bit of clean up. What this means is, when someone reads, for example my review of All That Jazz, and sees a reference to A Chorus Line, that reference is now a hyperlink, and her or she can jump straight to the review of A Chorus Line – without searching for it.  Neat, huh?

This week I also attended my Yoga class for one hour. And I finished and submitted my mid-term project for my InDesign class. Class itself was on Spring Break.

Overall, I’d say it was a very successful week.