Agile Update – Week 10

Last week, I posted four posts on WordPress, this included one “How-To” post on a technical topic. My goal is three to five posts a week, so that was pretty good.  For professional development, I attended my night class and I finished the assignments and quiz.  I also looked in to Summer/Fall classes. I’m going to aim for the entire slate of Adobe classes (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver).

Another thing I did this week was I used Adobe InDesign, The Gimp (OpenSource Image Manipulation Software), and Paint to design and post on my blog a new logo/badge. It has the saying, “Every woman needs a blog of her own,” which is my take on the Virginia Woolf quote, “Every woman needs a room of her own,” in a blue oval, with a filmstrip border applied.

My Twitter account is looking good. I now have 260 followers – next goal is 300. Slow and steady wins the race. I have set-up my Pinterest account and I’m posting Business Social Media posts to one board. I’m not only re-tweeting content related to business and Social Media on Twitter, but posting those links and graphics to Pinterest. And when I find something interesting I post it to Twitter.  My Career/Social Media List keeps growing and growing. Besides keeping the feeds I follow organized in various lists (I have one for technical writing as well) I always send a thank you to new followers. I will check out their page and if it looks interesting and helpful I follow it. I thank new followers within a week.

I also posted a new book review to Goodreads, this time for the Big Finish audiobook/play “The Library of Alexandria”. If interested the full review is on Goodreads.

I did not get to yoga this week – I felt really awful that day.  And, actually, most of the week I had a very hard time concentrating on anything. It must be Spring Fever. However, writing my blog posts was something I was able to do – and it helped my focus and concentration. I still have not heard back about my submission to Bright Wall/Dark Room. Podcast news should be up tomorrow though – I haven’t heard anything negative.

Let me know what you think

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