Agile Update Week 11

It felt like I did nothing worth while this week at all, but looking over my daily outcomes in Evernote, I found I actually had a pretty successful week.  This is something about this particular program that really works.  This week I wrote three posts on WordPress, including a movie review that was also posted to Blogger.  I posted the info for the podcast segment that I recorded two days ago and was finally broadcast last week. I went to yoga, and kept up with my InDesign class.  I finished this week’s homework on Friday. I even went out on Saturday with a friend and attended a meetup event.

I also learned something new this week – how to download and install fonts from the Internet. That may sound simple, but it’s something I had never done before – and since I’m learning InDesign, I’m also trying to learn more about graphic design concepts.

Overall, it was a good week after all!