Agile Update – Week 13

This is the first time I have been late on one of these posts for Agile. I do have a reason for being late, of course, I was on a business trip. Even though I returned Monday night, it was late and I was tired. But I do feel guilty about it. Still I had several accomplishments last week so here we go!

Last week I wrote four blog posts on WordPress, including posting a music video that I found bright, creative, fun, and positive. I also reviewed a non-fiction book, “The Nerdist Way” on GoodReads.

It was a good week for exercise, I did one set of Pilates one day and two sets another. Also, with the business trip I was able to swim laps. The hotel pool was very small. But I swam in circular laps (It’s really the only way to swim laps in a pool like that.) Anyway, I swam eight laps total, which was excellent exercise, calming, and just the thing to reduce tension after driving in my car for five hours.  My Yoga class was cancelled again, sigh.

In terms of professional development, I worked on the skills review for InDesign for Tables. I watched three professional development vids on youTube also on working with tables – this time for WordPress. I’m an old hand at working with tables – I’ve used Excel for nearly twenty years, so the concept of tables is not new to me. I’ve also worked with tables in Word 2010. And, actually, my biggest worry about creating and working with tables in InDesign was, “How different will this be than Excel?” And various variations on that theme – would there be situations where I knew how to do something in Excel but either I couldn’t do it in InDesign or it was more difficult. It turns out InDesign’s table-building capabilities are similar to Word’s. It is pretty basic, but servicable. Learning how to add tables to WordPress, via youTube, is helpful – and this week I’ll update my Doctor Who episode list to the original readable table from Excel. Thursday I attended my class, then Friday I went to the lab, finished my in-class assignment, finished that chapter’s quiz and homework, and also completed all the review assignments. One more chapter and class, and my InDesign class will be complete – two weeks early! The class had no final, and the instructor canceled the final project. I’m thinking about doing the project anyway – or at least building a portfolio from what I’ve learned in class.

And that was my busy week!


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