Agile Update – Week 14

Wow – it’s been awhile since I’ve signed on and written anything. I know this is going to sound like an excuse, but really… it happened, honest. Saturday, our power went out. It came back about five hours later, but that put a dent into any time I had for getting anything done – writing, watching things to review, housework, etc. And, to make things worse, once the power came back – I discovered my satellite modem was toast! So I called the provider, and after some convincing got them to send a new one. I even had to pay extra for 2-day shipping. Said modem arrived late Tuesday, and I decided to wait until the next day to install it. And, on Wednesday, yep, you guessed it – the power went out again! So, once the power came back on… I plugged in the modem – and it didn’t work, even after waiting two hours rather than the 30 minutes it said in the directions. So, again, I called the provider – and I had to escalate the call. However, the second person I talked to actually knew what he was doing, and was able to talk me through programming the modem. (Even if I had taken a guess, I wouldn’t have known things like the precise latitude and longitude of the house, nor the azimuth of their satellite.) So, here I am, the week’s practically over and I’m just getting started. Sigh.  But on to last week’s Agile update.

So, last week I had a business trip, for an in-person interview. I met with four people, saw the building, and actually I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve been keeping track of my progress in this area for awhile now, even longer than I’ve been writing these posts on using Agile methodology for professional and personal development. I haven’t really been posting on it though, because I didn’t really want to publish that aspect of my life. This was the second in-person interview I’ve had, though I’ve had several phone interviews.

I also heard again from Nix Studios, who initially contacted me via Twitter. As you know I’m now writing professional articles for their website.

I’ve been putting together a curated board on Social Media Marketing on Pinterest, that board now has two professional followers. Right now, I’m a bit behind on adding new content to it, because of my lack of Internet, but getting it up to date is high on the agenda for the next few days and weekend.

Because of my lack of internet last weekend, my blogging suffered a bit – my Agile post was written, as was a link to the professional article I wrote for Nix Studio.

I did read and finish the in-class assignments and quiz for ch. 11 of my InDesign book, and I attended class. Turns out that was my last class, I’ve got more than enough “points”, and I finished the class with an “A”. I’m happy with the result, and I really did learn a lot. Between my now-finished term and Summer (May) I’m going to work on my portfolio for the class.

My yoga class is now complete. For Summer, my church has a Qigong class which I need to sign up for. It’s more expensive than the Yoga class, though (but cheaper than a professional studio). I also bought hand weights (little mini bar bells) and a second Pilates DVD, so I can hopefully work out more at home. The good news is, despite my abysmal physical, when I went in for my follow-up, my blood pressure was fine, I’d lost a bit of weight, and my cholesterol was fine. So other than the really bad arthritis in my knees (I need shots!), everything is better than it looked when I had the physical. Yea!

Overall, last week was not great – the power outage, lack of Internet, and such just really threw me off. And this week started pretty awful too, but I’m determined to get back on track!


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