Agile Update – Week 15

Last week wasn’t great in terms of getting things done. A big part of that was not having Internet. The new modem arrived late Tuesday, and I installed it on Wednesday, which included spending over an hour on the phone with my provider (the “customer service associate” I spoke with first had absolutely no clue – none. The second guy, after I escalated the call did know what he was doing, and was able to talk me through programming the satellite dish – with the exact longitude, latitude of the house and the azimuth of their satellite.) I will say, though, that once I finally got it working, my Internet – which had been lousy even before the power outages, improved.

I did get to lab to work on my portfolio in InDesign, but only one day. I also did my Pilates once last week – two sets, one for arms with hand weights (little mini bar bells). I paid my tuition for Summer, and ordered and received my textbooks. One thing I did get done over the weekend was download all the sample files, exercises, and other on-line resources for not only the three books that were assigned for my Summer class – but for the two books I bought myself:  Adobe Photoshop Revealed and Adobe Illustrator Revealed.  So I have everything ready.

Only two posts last week, my Agile update, and one movie review that was posted to both Blogger and WordPress. I also reviewed a book on GoodReads, and updated an older post on my Live Journal, as well as posting one of my older GoodReads reviews over on Live Journal. I don’t use Live Journal that much anymore, but I like to keep my account active.

Much of my weekend was spent playing Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends.

I’m hoping my schedule will be back to normal this week and I can get things done, especially in terms of movie reviews, writing articles, and posting entries here on WordPress.


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