Agile Update – Week 17

Last week was OK. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked – but I did have some success. I wrote two blog entries on WordPress – my regular Agile update, and a meme .jpg I made myself from a quote in a typography and graphic design book I was reading for professional development. I did make the .jpg my old-fashioned way, using PowerPoint then converting a single slide into a .jpg – which I then posted on WordPress and Twitter. Hopefully, with my Photoshop/Illustrator class starting next week, I’ll learn how to make some more elaborate meme pictures from quotes. I also finished reading Thinking with Type, and I reviewed it on GoodReads. I also reviewed my textbook from last semester for InDesign.  Also, I copied two older reviews and posted them to my old LiveJournal account. I corrected the HTML so they would display OK on LiveJournal. Whenever one posts from one blogging platform to another, the HTML must be updated or fixed, to avoid display issues. I don’t really use my Live Journal account much anymore – but I don’t want to close the account either, so there you go! Finally, but by no means least important, I published another article on the NixStudio Website. It’s an updating of my How to Customize Links post from Bitch with WiFi, but feel free to check it out, here.

I did manage to exercise three times last week. Two sets of Pilates (20 minutes each) on two different days, and a 20 minute Yoga set. It wasn’t as much as I would like, I’m trying to work up to exercising every day, or at least five days a week, but it was something – and I did make the three-day minimum!

My professional development for the week was that I finished reading, Thinking with Type, which I then reviewed on GoodReads. I also took a quote from the book and made a pic from it, with the proper credit, and discussed the pic in a post on WordPress. To read my full review, see my GoodReads page (see Widget on right side of this blog).

For this week, I’m hoping to do better with writing posts on WordPress, I’d like to get back to reviewing movies on Blogger and WordPress, I have professional development to do, and I’d like to exercise at least five days.


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