Agile Update – Week 18

Last week was another OK week. I’m so glad classes start up again tomorrow – it should keep me busy and more on track.

Anyway – I only managed to exercise twice last week. Thirty minutes of Yoga one day and twenty minutes of Pilates on a different day. Still that’s fifty minutes for the week, so not too bad.

I did get three posts written on WordPress, including a movie review on my Blogger blog as well as on WordPress. I reviewed a mystery on GoodReads.

I’ve continued to copy my older reviews from GoodReads to my LiveJournal account. This is more to keep that account active, as well as to keep a backup. It’s still best to see my GoodReads page to read my reviews. See widget to the lower right of this page. So I cross-posted a total of six reviews to LiveJournal.

I do find that using this Agile-based program to track my progress is a good thing. I do need practice at setting goals, and my three areas are:  professional development, exercise, and writing – this blog, my movie reviews, and even the occasional column for other websites. It is good to make myself balance everything well. The Agile program emphasizes planning (Weekly Vision), daily outcomes (positive reinforcement of what you did each week), and weekly reflection (a weekly list of accomplishments) – the reflection should be positive but can also point out areas that could be better.


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