Agile Update – Week 22

I had guests in town yesterday, so I didn’t take the time to sit down and write this update. And I should of, because, even though I was thinking, “Man, I did nothing last week, again,” actually that isn’t really true.

It is true that last week I only finished a single blog post here on WordPress. But I also published a professional post over on the NixStudio website. It was an updated version of one of my first posts on WordPress (when I started this blog) an explanation of the difference between tags and categories and how to use them. Here you can find the article an tagging and categories in WordPress.

This wasn’t the only professional development that was completed. I finished the April issue of the STC magazine, which focused on Social Media as it relates to Technical Writing, as well as soft skills for technical writers. It was a great issue. I’ve also gone back to keeping up with thanking new followers on Twitter. I know it’s a polite thing to do, and it often helps bring even more followers and better engagement, but for a couple of weeks it just wasn’t something I wanted to spend time on. And it showed in my stats, plus I missed the interactivity, so that goes back on my mental list of daily activities.

My Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop class is at it’s halfway point. I’ve finished the Illustrator half, and Photoshop starts tonight. Not only did I finish-up my Illustrator assignments and attend class last week – I also designed two illustrations myself for this blog. One, “Bitch with Wi-Fi – Tools and Tips” about Technology (with the Big Red Barn) has started to appear on this blog, but I still need to go through and update some posts with the new post header image. The image visually reflects my personal slogan, “I’m a born-and-bred Midwesterner who’s lived in five states. I’m passionate about Film, Television, Media, Computers and Technology,” which I’ve used since I started my Blogger blog in 2010. The Big Red Barn represents the Midwest – because nothing says “Midwest” like a barn, even though few of the big, red, wooden barns are left, and I’ve never been a farmer or farmer’s daughter in my life (I grew up in the city). Then other symbols represent the other things I’ve very passionate about:  a television, a computer/smartphone/laptop/tablet for technology, a RSS feed symbol to represent social media, a filmstrip symbol to represent film.

The other symbol I designed at the lab was an updated Agile post header as seen on today’s post. I personalized it to fit the theme of my Agile posts – Vision – Outcomes – Reflection. The image is close to what I want, but I want it to be a bit more precise, so I’m hoping I will have time to work on it tonight in class and to talk to my instructor about it, before updating all my Agile posts on this blog, with the new, designed-by-me, image.

I did exercise once, 30 minutes of Yoga, but only once this week. That is a slow improvement over last week when I got in no exercise at all because I didn’t feel well. I think I’m just going to have to build up again to 3-5 exercise days a week.

So, again I feel like I should have done more. But, I’m going to celebrate what did get done, and resolve to work on areas I need to seriously work on:  exercise, professional development and writing, blogging. I should be able to write some reviews this week, looking at my schedule. In my post for the Nix Studios Website, I promised to write a follow-up on categories, so that needs to be done today. I have class tonight, so hopefully I can update and tweak the two logos. But I also need to stop beating myself up – I designed two logos, by myself, I’m happy with them – I just want to do a bit more tweaking to get them perfect – especially the Agile one.

Speaking of Agile – I still think that this program is really working for me. It helps me to hold myself accountable to myself in accomplishing my goals. It helps me to avoid the negative self-talk – because I can do this!


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