Agile Update – Week 24

Last week marked six months of using Agile in my life to organize and motivate me in personal and professional development. I also use Agile as a system of time management. I tend to have a bit of a one track mind – when I’m working on something, I really work on that one thing – but I sometimes tend to let other things suffer. The past few weeks I’ve been really busy with my 7-week combined Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop class. I liked Illustrator once I got the hang of it – like InDesign, but I still don’t really like Photoshop. Still, I’ve learned the basics. And I have The Gimp on my computer so I can practice photoshop skills with that. I even bought a book that’s specific to The Gimp (a free open-source, photo-manipulation software program).

Last week, I wrote two blog posts – my Agile update, and a movie review that was posted to Blogger and here on WordPress. My movie review project is back on track, as I’m reviewing at least one movie a week – which is better than none, but not up to the original three reviews a week I planned, when I started that project. In future, I’m going to plan on at least two movie reviews a week, so that I will have blog posts – and, hopefully, I’ll have the project complete by the end of Summer. I’m also watching TV-on-DVD sets and reviewing them. I’m currently watching the last season of Upstairs Downstairs, which is going a bit slow – it’s a very episodic season, like the first, with little flow between the episodes, and I know the series has a sad ending, which I think I’m just putting off watching. Still, only two more episodes to watch, so that review will happen this week.

I attended my second-to-last class last Tuesday, and went into the lab two days. I’ve finished my assignments – and when I checked my points on Friday I had 260.6 (out of the 240 needed for an A), so at least I’ll get a good grade out of the experience. I actually wanted to just get better at the Adobe suite, because I think it would help in my career.

I also worked on my Agile logo again, and improved it. I’m now using a logo I designed myself for these posts on Agile, rather than just using an image I found on-line. I’ve updated all my Agile posts to use my self-designed logo which I made in Adobe Illustrator.  I also updated my tech advice and how to posts with my own Bitch With Wi-Fi Logo, which, although I’m not completely satisfied with it – now that my class it over I might try updating it with Inkscape or Serif Draw (two Illustrator-like programs that I downloaded a few weeks ago). I have a lot more fonts on my home computer than the computers at school – so I should be able to put something together that is an improvement. And, in the meantime, my technical posts on this blog should all be identifiable by having the same header illustration.

So, I’ve been using Agile as a structure for six months. It really does seem to help to focus on several things at once, to help me feel accomplished, to give me motivation to do more, and to beat myself up less about what doesn’t get done. For a highly functioning perfectionist – that nagging feeling that nothing is ever good enough is a hard thing to beat. But my goals, bit by bit, are happening – writing more, and more consistently. Working on professional development. Getting in shape. Any one of those is a tough goal. Doing all of them at once is really difficult. But I’m game – after all I’ve accomplished a lot in six months


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