Agile Update – Week 27

Last week was a total washout. Monday my Internet was working, and I should have made my Agile post at least – but I didn’t. So, I made my weekly Agile post on Tuesday, which has gone from a one-time thing to a regular thing. So, now, I need to get back to doing those posts every Monday. Then Wednesday, my Internet wasn’t working at home. I hoped it might be temporary, but Thursday no Internet, so I called HughesNet. As usual, I had to answer the computer voice first (uh, it’s July guys – no it’s not snowing!) once I got through to a person, I had to convince them to send me a new modem,which will take a week.

Thursday, I went to Starbucks with my Dad’s laptop which I borrowed (I still don’t own a laptop, only a desktop) and started applying for jobs again, now that I’ve finished the Adobe classes.

Sunday, I did the same, and wrote two book reviews on GoodReads, and a short blog post here – explaining why I hadn’t been posting.

So,Starbucks has been my office. And since I’m not expecting to get the modem until Wednesday, that is how it will probably go for most of this week too. I will say that I like working at Starbucks. It’s relatively quiet, with lots of people on laptops. But it’s not pin-drop quiet, and you can have a cup of coffee or tea while working, which is always a plus. And it’s nice to get out of the house.

Let me know what you think

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