Agile Update – Week 28

Last week started pretty good – I wrote two posts on this blog, my regular weekly Agile post and an advice post, inspired by an article where an entertainment reporter asked several female guests what their essentials were for San Diego Comic Con. The answers were very good advice – some I’d come up with myself with nearly 20 years of con attendance experience, some were new and definitely things I’d seriously consider adding to my day bag.

But then I ended-up taking an impromptu vacation to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to my parent’s cottage. I’d been wavering as to whether or not I should even go, after all things have been rough lately, especially financially. but I decided at practically the last minute that I should go. So I packed up myself, and my cat, and my cat’s stuff (food and medicine) and got in the car and went. Fastest packing ever! But I’m glad I went. Four whole days with no internet, practically no cell phone service, and even though I brought Dad’s borrowed laptop – I didn’t use it, so really, no computer. The water levels are back, though there’s still a lot of grass and reeds in front of the cottage (so now it’s very wet grass). I spent most of the time reading, and playing Doctor Who Legacy on my tablet (kudos to the development team that you can play the game off-line!) It was relaxing, and I enjoyed it.

Monday I drove back and besides cat care, and getting dinner, I managed to get two book reviews done. I finished two books while Up North. But I didn’t get this Agile post done – still it was late by the time I sat down at my computer. Now though, I’m planning on regular writing on this blog (3-5 posts this week), regular exercise (I’ve been so lazy, I really need to get back into it.) And I need to get back to professional development too! And more renewing of the job search. But I’m in a happier and better frame of mind, having had a bit of vacation.