Agile Update – Week 29

Last week Monday I returned from a four-day vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – four days with no Internet, computer, or cell phone. Things have been slow since I’ve returned. However, I did get some writing done, which is a very good thing. I reviewed three books on GoodReads, two fiction and one non-fiction. Please see the GoodReads widget on the bottom right of this blog to read any of my reviews. I also wrote two blog posts on this blog. Those posts were my regular Agile post and a review of Season 6 of Castle.

I’ve returned to applying for jobs – despite on-going computer problems.

I definitely need to get back into exercising, especially after all the trouble of having shots in my knees to ease my arithritis – I’m getting some pain occasionally. But at least I can walk better and go up and down stairs without too much trouble.

My plan to watch the TV series on my “to be watched” shelf actually is going well – and I’m making good progress. Plus it makes for great source material for blog entries.