Agile Update – Week 30

Agile is a project management system that I have adapted for personal and professional development. Each week starts with a plan – What do you want to accomplish? Every day, outcomes are noted as they are met. And at the end of the week, one reflects on the past week – what was accomplished, what still needs work, and any new plans for the following week. The reflections are an important part – not only seeing what you have done, but acknowledging what still needs work.

I’ve been using this program for quite awhile, and while I have had some slow weeks, and weeks of few accomplishments. I have consistently made at least some strides towards my goals. And that is what the program, as I’ve adapted it to personal and professional development, shows you – what you have accomplished, as well as reminding you what you need to work on. Also, it’s a great time management tool – if you are spending too much time on one project, and not enough on another, you will see that pretty quickly when using Agile for Personal and Professional Development. But it’s also not a system that where you beat yourself up for not accomplishing every goal. The emphasis is always on the positive.

Last week was pretty good – Three blog posts written. And after a few weeks of delaying these Agile updates – I’m back on track. I’m not back on track with exercising but I’m going to put that pretty close to the top of my list as well as my writing. I’m happy with what was accomplished this week, especially with a few other bumps in the road during the week.

I recommend trying Agile in your own life – whatever your goals, weight-loss, getting in shape, learning a new topic, professional development, writing more often, having a system of weekly goals, daily outcomes, and weekly reflections can really help focus you on accomplishing those goals, without it seeming overwhelming.


2 thoughts on “Agile Update – Week 30

    • Thank you for the reblog. I invite you to check out all my weekly Agile posts. I post an update once a week, usually on Mondays. I’ve been working on this project since January. I’m always happy to hear from other Agile enthusists.


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