Agile Update – Week 33

Last week was successful on in many areas. I wrote four posts on this blog: my regular Agile post, a movie review, a TV DVD set review, and a review of a professional development conference. The movie review was also posted to my Movie Project blog – and that project is slowly, but surely moving towards completion. On the one hand, I definitely over estimated the time and effort involved. But, on the other, I’ve managed to do a very good job with my project to review all the movies I own, and the posts here on WordPress get more notice than the ones on Blogger – which means part of the lack of notice (likes, comments, forwards) comes from the platform. Also, when complete I’ll have reviewed over 200 movies – and when I started I had only 166 or so, so there’s much more content than I planned. I also reviewed Series 8 of Doctor Who – it was great to re-watch it and write about it. I’m happy to see Capaldi as the Doctor. So, Agile, Tomorrow Never Dies, Doctor Who Series 8, what else? Oh, I also reviewed BarCamp – a local ad-hoc IT conference.

Exercise? Yes, I exercised once last week.  20 minutes of Yoga. I kept thinking, every day, I should exercise, even though it was a busy week, but at least I did get to exercise once. the Yoga was calming and the exercise is healthy. I need to up that to three times a week at least. But at least once is better than not at all!

Professional development went well too. I finally was able to attend a STC (Society for Technical Communication) local Meet-Up. It was a casual event at a local bar, only about eight people were there, and they all worked at or had worked for the same company. But it still was a fun time, I’d go again, and I’ve signed-up for a meeting of the planning committee – maybe I can get members interested in holding more events.

The second professional event was BarCampGR. I found out about it with only a week’s notice. But it was free. So I registered, and even suggested a topic I’d be willing to present. When I suggested my topic, I was told to “put it on the board when you get there”. I thought that was odd, considering every conference I’ve ever been to has set the schedule well in advance. But I worked on my topic, wrote it in Word, added to it, and finally practiced giving the “speech” by reciting it into Audacity. When I looked at the time of my recording it was a bit long, so I re-wrote it (not from stratch, just shortening it a bit) so I’d have time for questions. Giving the presentation went well – people showed up, listened, didn’t interrupt, and asked good questions. You can’t ask for better. I also attended some very good presentations on Friday. Saturday didn’t go as well, but that happens. Saturday I did get to a presentation on Agile – and it was more from the standpoint of a very small software development company that used Agile for one-week development sprints. One week! Not only did that remind me of my own Agile for personal development project that I use with one-week updates, but I was surprised that a company existed that used such quick turn around time for their iterations. I’d think it would be impossible to move that fast on a corporate scale. But then, I got the feeling it was a very small company, they were in the mobile app development business, and the presenter only touched on Agile in using Agile vocabulary – he didn’t introduce Agile as a project management system. It was good to see a different perspective though.

So this was a great week – with accomplishments in professional development, writing, and I even exercised! I’m glad that my week went well and I hope this week continues the trend.

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