Agile Update – Week 34

Last week was very good for writing, but very little else got done, in part because I still have a sinus cold or allergies or something. Anyway, I wrote five posts last week here on WordPress. One of last week’s posts was my review of Top Hat which was also posted to my movie review blog. That was my 200th post to “The Movie Project”. Here on WordPress, I posted my weekly Agile update, the review of Top Hat, my presentation from Barcamp about Blogging, and two TV-on-DVD season set reviews – Once Upon a Time Season 4 and White Collar Season 6 (the final season). I now have 693 posts on WordPress with 40 followers. And on Twitter I’ve hit the 310 followers mark!

My side project to watch and review the DVDs that have been sitting on my “To Be Watched” shelf is also going well. I’m enjoying watching them for the most part, and there’s a certain feeling of accomplishment to watching and reviewing them. Course, it helps that so many of the shows I’ve been watching are relatively short with fewer episodes a season. I always prefer higher quality television, even if it means less episodes or stories, rather than a typical season that’s full length and has several so-so episodes and even a few really bad episodes mixed in with the better ones.

For next week, I need to review more movies, so I can make further headway on that older project, as well as my TV-on-DVD reviews. But I should also try to post an original essay on television or film. And, I really need to exercise more.


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