Agile Update – Week 35

Last week started out well. I wrote and posted to my WordPress blog three days in a row! My WordPress posts for the week included my weekly Agile update, and a TV review, and an original essay, so those were good topics. I also exercised two days. I did 20 minutes of Yoga on one day – from a new DVD no less, and 10 minutes on a different day. It’s not much, but it’s something.

But then out of town guests called to say they were on their way – so I was frantically cleaning. And then they had car trouble, so they were delayed a day. And Sunday, I just slept in and relaxed all day. And I’ve been fighting some sort of sinus cold/infection thing that just makes me tired.

So I’m happy with what I did last weeks – three posts is my minimum and two days of exercise is better than none. But I’m upset with myself that I didn’t do better. I know the point of Agile, as I’m using it for personal and professional development is not to kick yourself when things go wrong – or you don’t accomplish as much as you meant to, but this week I just feel bad about not getting enough done. I watched another DVD but didn’t get the review complete, because I simply didn’t have time. And I didn’t get any farther on my movie review project – and I’ve been trying to get at least one movie reviewed per week for that. Well, the week’s over, new week is here, let’s hope it’s a better one.


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