Agile Update – Week 36

Last week, was an improvement. I wrote three blog posts, my regular weekly Agile update, a television season DVD Review (Ripper St.), and a movie review, The Truman Show – which I reviewed on blogger and here on WordPress. I also reviewed two graphic novels on GoodReads. I’ve started in on the Titan Comics Doctor Who graphic novels and I’m enjoying them.

I didn’t get any exercise done through, but it was a bit of a crazy week. On Monday, Labor Day, I went shopping for a new couch and ended-up with a loveseat. It’s a bit smaller than my old couch, but its really nice. The loveseat was supposed to be delivered Tuesday, and after waiting around all day I received a call from the store stating it would be delivered the next day. Oh, well. Saturday I also got the chance to go out with a big group of friends and I had a good time.

So my attitude is much better. I just feel better about the week and myself, and my accomplishments.

I’ve also been playing with creating pics with quotes (currently from Gotham) and posting the results to Twitter and Facebook. I should have a whole series to post here on WordPress tomorrow.

Finally, speaking of Twitter – I now have over 325 followers there. So my followers are on the uptick again. I’m happy to be getting the recognition. I’ve also posted just over 200 posts to my Movie Project Blog and this is my 700th Post on WordPress.

Goals for this week:  3-5 blog posts, including reviewing Gotham, which I’m currently watching on DVD and a movie from my collection for my Movie Project Blog. I’m also hoping to getting back to reading again. I had actually started a classic short story collection on my e-book, but I really did dislike it – so I finally decided to just read a fun novel instead. I also need to start exercising again, the aim is for Yoga or Pilates 3-5 times this week. The good news is my church starts up Yoga again next week, so I will definitely be getting my exercise at least once a week, and I have my DVDs too (to up that to my minimum goal of three times).

Let me know what you think

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