Agile Update – Week 37

Last week was pretty busy, though I still need to start exercising again. But my new Yoga class starts tomorrow so I should be able to get to that once a week. Last week I created two new blog posts on WordPress. First, I wrote my weekly Agile update like always. And second, I created and posted four character-centric quote pics from Gotham. I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’ve since added a second quote from Alfred, so I have that as the featured image, rather than repeating one of the images in my post. I’ve been learning about graphics, which is a completely new area for me, but I’m pretty pleased with the look of those pics.

I also wrote a review of one of the Titan Comics Doctor Who graphic novels and finished reading and reviewed a Doctor Who original novel from the Missing Adventures series by Virgin Publishing. Both reviews can be found on my GoodReads page. So really, even though I only had two posts to this blog, that’s four days of writing – so I’m genuinely happy about that.

Last week on Friday, I simultaneously was offered one job and received a call for an interview about a second job, since the job I was taking was only part-time, I took it (part time is better than nothing, and it fits with my unpaid job training program which starts today). Anyway, the interview for the “full time” position was today and it was most definitely just not what I was looking for. I could say more, but I want to remain professional. Let’s just say I’m looking for a full-time technical writing or content marketing / social media marketing position. And what they were offering, definitely wasn’t that. But in the meantime, I do have, absolutely for sure, I’ve signed the papers, a part-time retail position (paid), plus I’m starting a job training position (unpaid) that’s supposed to lead into a good position. The catch is that the full-time position isn’t in writing. But it is computer experience, so that will help.

I even managed to go out with a friend and catch a movie, something I don’t think I’ve done in months, and the week before I also went to one of the fairly regular Meetup events that I try to get to. So after a few weeks of not doing much, my social life is a bit more active too.

So last week was busy. This week will be even more busy. As always, my goals are to write something every day (well, at least five days a week) be it book review, graphic novel review, movie review, blog post, et cetera. For this blog, my aim is 3-5 posts per week. My second goal is to exercise, if at all possible, at least three times a week (and with my Yoga class starting that goal should be a bit easier to reach). And finally, to continue with various professional development goals and items I’ve set for myself. Since my job training class starts tonight, expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks. Agile will certainly be helpful in helping me to focus on my goals, organize what has to be done, and celebrate my successes without beating myself up about things that don’t quite get done. I do find this system extremely helpful.

Let me know what you think

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