Agile Update – Week 39

Last week was another extremely busy week, as I balanced a new, demanding, part-time job, my training course in A+ (computer certification), writing, and exercise. With some success. I only wrote two posts last week – my regular Agile update and a review of The Flash. However, I decided at the beginning of Summer to start digging into my “to be watched’ shelf, and although I’ve watched some new things, I’ve also watched and reviewed some older purchases that I just never got around to watching. So I found that was good, to watch some DVDs that had been sitting around and to even read some older books of mine, rather than continuing to buy new stuff then let it sit unwatched/unread. Saved some money too. And I was able to get my shows from last year, and mostly manage to watch them before the new season starts. I’m currently watching Arrow, and next up is Castle Season 7, then it’s back to the “to be watched” shelf (probably with all five seasons of The Batman, or Psych, or Heroes). I also have it in my head to get around (eventually) to re-watching Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond, and actually doing full reviews of each season – over time. But anyway, I enjoy TV-on-DVD and it gives me topics for this blog. Course, with being a bit busier, and the new season to enjoy – it might take a bit longer to watch and review things – but I’m OK with that. I also need to finish up my Movie Project reviews – I’m aiming to get back to one to two films per week. I just need the time to watch and review them.

I did get to Gentle Yoga this week. We worked on Core Strength. I’ll be honest here – it was hard. Really hard. But it felt good to be able to do what I could – some of which was more than I thought I’d be able to do. And my instructor is great – she never pushes anyone in class to do more than they can (including me) and she helps with giving modifications that make sense if you have physical limitations. I can’t remember if it was last week or the week before, but I was having trouble with getting my arms in position for one pose because my shoulders were tight (and I have arthritis there), so she gave me a modification to keep my shoulders lower – which helped, and I was still able to stretch.

It was also my second week in my A+ class. I attended class on two days, caught up on my reading, did the homework sheet, received a 90% on the quiz (passing), and started the Windows 7 lab at home. But Thursday night I was still really upset that I only got a 90 percent and I had four wrong – on an open-book quiz. I need to work on focusing better and taking better notes, because three of the four questions were on things covered in lecture but not in the book. And the last was one of those really frustrating items where I had the right answer and I changed it to the wrong one (ugg) at the last minute.

Work, ah yes, well I still was training at one store – with management that was OK. I mean, the one manager tended to bark when she was upset – but I could read that easily and not take it personally because, frankly, I tend to do the same thing (It’s an area of my life I’ve been working on for ages.) The other manager or lead was somewhat scatterbrained, which could be frustrating, frankly, but I could deal with it – by consciously reminding her of things that were going on. So it was a situation I could adapt to. Then Saturday, well, Saturday was a disaster. I was transferred back to what was to be my “base store” – and it was a complete and total unmitigated disaster. We are talking total disaster of biblical proportions. I was hired for one job – and spent the entire rest of the day doing something else; I was supposed to “clock in” which I hadn’t during my training – no one was willing to show me how (like I knew what their particular codes and system was); I was supposed to have a secure locker – I didn’t; my hours were changed last minute (only half-an-hour but still); when I asked for my next week’s schedule (this week) I was scheduled for the days I had class which were the days I said I couldn’t work; my hours were nearly double what I wanted etc. And I was physically so sore after eight hours of walking – that I was in too much pain to sleep. And that doesn’t even include my managing to do “something” to my knee (Yoga poses in bed fixed it, or I would have ended-up in the Urgent Care early this morning) and a nasty scrape on my arm. Yeah. So Sunday I called the mgr and quit. I’ve never quit a job like that. Never. But it was a combination of being completely disrespected, knowing that I needed to concentrate on my training class – which I wouldn’t be able to do if I was at work all the time, and the pure physicality of the position. I’m not 20 anymore and I just can’t stand for eight hours a day, especially for eight dollars an hour. I mean, I guess I could have tried to work something out – stood firm on 15 hours per week, no more; or maybe weekends-only; but with a manager who schedules you for the days you specifically can’t work (plus back-to-back close then open). Uh, no. I have more self respect than that – and I’ll find something else. Or just hope I can make it until my class finishes and I get hired in at the place that provides the training (it’s complicated and I can’t talk about it. Suffice it to say, I don’t get paid for the training class.)


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