Agile Update – Week 40

I was thinking yesterday that I didn’t do much at all last week, and that may have even added to my procrastination for writing this post. After all, for the second week in a row – I only wrote two posts. But looking over what I did do – I actually did a lot in terms of professional development, namely for my class – so I did more than I thought. Which is a good thing about this system – as long as you record what you’re doing, you will be surprised at just how much you get done, even when sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

So last week I wrote two posts on this blog – my regular Agile update post, and a TV-on-DVD review. I like writing reviews, it gives me writing topics for this blog, and lets me express myself and my opinions. And it’s good practice for writing. But watching several US TV-series in only a week is very time-consuming. They do run 20-24 episodes each. I really wish the US DVD/Television industry would do what they do in the UK and release their DVDs immediately. After all, if you want to then wait until “just before” the new season starts, you can, but if you’d rather watch something right away – or even take your time about watching something, you can do that too. After all, people work and have other commitments – and if you buy a lot of TV-on-DVD like I do, you don’t buy just “one show”. Last season I watched and later bought on DVD:  Arrow, Castle, The Flash, Gotham, and Once Upon a Time. I also bought Doctor Who (Series 8 and the Christmas Special), Grantchester, and Ripper Street – all of which were quickly released after they aired. And I bought Outlander, which I hadn’t seen because I don’t get the network that airs it (Starz). So with the US series – that was a lot to watch in the 2-3 weeks between the DVD release and the Season premieres. (I still haven’t watched Castle Season 7 – I actually lent it to my parents, unwatched, because I knew I wouldn’t have time.) It’s just bad planning in terms of the DVD releases. And, no one actually watches “Summer repeats” (in many cases, especially for cable series, they don’t actually even air repeats – they air a different series instead. I’m not currently watching anything on USA Network but when I did – they had a schedule that was year-around, with only a week or two off here and there mostly for major holidays (when the “marathons’ would come out. Or movies. Or sports.) And, I would definitely argue that the Networks could get higher live viewership (something they are struggling with) by releasing DVDs earlier – giving fans of a show the chance to get their friends and even relatives interested by watching previous season sets together.

Anyway, back to last week. So I wrote two posts. I also attended my Gentle Yoga class. I really enjoyed it – it’s a great, relaxing, focusing exercise – and I really enjoy it.

Most of my focus last week was professional development, and getting caught-up or at least staying current on my A+ class. So I finished my Windows 7 lab at home. I read and took notes on chapters 6 and 7 of the textbook. I attended the class twice (it always meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays). I turned in the completed hardware lab. I did two on-line chapter review quizzes and watched one on-line video. And I got 92% on the quiz (passing). I would really like to do a bit better on the quizzes – they are open book. I think my biggest problem there is a tendency to skim-read the questions and/or answers. I need to slow down, concentrate, and look at what the question is really asking (or throughly understand the possible answers). Maybe I try a few deep breathing/focusing exercises before my next quiz.

So, that was my week. My goals this week are to write at least something three to five days a week, attend my A+ class and Yoga Class, exercise at least one day in addition to my actual Yoga class, and to keep up to date with my homework, quizzes, labs, and professional development activities.


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