Agile Update – Week 41

Last week I was very sick with a bad sinus cold; however, I still managed to accomplish quite a lot of what I had to do. And I pushed myself in some areas too, which I’m proud of.

My goal has been to write three to five blog posts a week and failing that to at least write something nearly every day for a total of five days a week. Well, last week I wrote two blog posts here on WordPress, which was pretty good, though not my minimum goal of three per week. But I also wrote two book reviews on GoodReads (see my GoodReads page – Widget at lower right of this blog page). So that’s a total of four which isn’t bad. But not only did I write my Agile update post on this WordPress blog, I also reviewed a comics mini-series Doctor Who The Four Doctors Event written by Paul Cornell and published by Titan Comics. And not only did Paul personally thank me on Twitter (which was very awesome and  I almost missed due to being off-line for much of last week because I was sick) but he reblogged my review on his tumblr. My WordPress blog posts automatically post to my tumblr. I was so geeked and just found it so awesome that Paul Cornell did that.It just meant a lot, and since I’ve been having a rough time lately that was just very very cool. The Internet gets an awful rap on the news and from so-called “security experts” (who really just want to shut-up, I mean, take the right of free expression from us writers, especially women) but no one, ever, talks about the small, beautiful events and acts of kindness that happen on-line. Besides the author of the Doctor Who Four Doctors Event reblogged my review! How awesome is that?


Because I was sick I wasn’t able to go to Yoga last week. And I was really sick, I was so out of it on Wednesday that even watching TV or reading was beyond me – and I just kept falling asleep on the sofa. In short, I was a mess and there was no way I could go to Yoga. But I was determined to at least exercise at home, so on Saturday I was finally feeling a bit better and I did 30 minutes of Yoga at home. I’ve mentioned I really like the 10-Minute Solution series of exercise DVDs, and I used that doing the Balance & Flexibility, Energizing Yoga Flow, and Stress Relief sets. Each set is 10 minutes, so combining three of them gives you a 30-minute workout. Anyway, I was proud of myself that I was able to do that. And I do need to get back in to exercising on two days other than my Yoga class day.

I did do a lot of professional development work this past week. I read the book for chapters 8 and 9, and started chapter 10. I did the homework sheets for chapters 6 and 7. My instructor won’t hand out the homework sheets until the class before they are due – even though we have to read the chapters the week before. So say for example it’s Week 5 of class – the HW sheets for chapters 6 and 7 will be due, which we read in week 4, and even though chapters 8 and 9 are due as reading for that week, he won’t hand out the homework sheets for them until Week 6. Most instructors will give you homework sheets very much in advance (like an entire semester’s worth at once), or at the very least before the reading assignment the homework goes with. Not this guy. It’s starting to really irritate me. But anyway, I attended class on both Tuesday and Thursday – even though, Tuesday I was really sick and had a very runny nose. I got a 90% on the quiz, passing, but I still feel that I should be getting 100%, especially as this are open-book quizzes – and it irritates me that I’m not doing better. I also did my chapter 8 review sheet. The instructor recommends an on-line youTube source for info, called Professor Messer and I watched three videos in his A+ series.  I also discovered (somewhat belatedly but still, now I know) that the text for every video is transcribed below it. And I can right-click it, and save the text as a .pdf. Now, for some reason you also get all the ads and such on the webpage, but that is easily ignored. Then I could even use Calibre to convert those .pdfs to EPUB and load them onto my tablet to read in my e-reader program. This is an awesome discovery and something I really need to do. I even started reading chapter 10 of my A+ book.

So, even though I was sick, I still did a lot last week. I met my obligations for class, passed the quiz, and did homework. And I wrote two posts on WordPress and wrote two additional book reviews on GoodReads. I watched videos for class. I even managed to exercise on my own, when I couldn’t get to my Yoga class because I was sick. So even though I was sick and that be definition could have made it a terrible week – it was a successful week instead.


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