Agile Update – Week 43

Last week went OK, but not great. I’m having a hard time getting past the the basics and moving to the next level. For writing, I wrote two posts here on WordPress, though one of my friends on Facebook recommended the Supergirl pilot review to some of his friends, which made me feel great! I also wrote a review of one of the Titan Comics’ Doctor Who graphic novels (11th Doctor Vol. 2) on GoodReads. I’ve now finished the backlog, and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with the new graphics as they are released. Overall, the Titan Comics Doctor Who graphic novels are very good, and they fit with the eras they portray. It’s like having a graphical version of either Virgin’s Missing Doctor Adventures or BBC Books’s Past Doctor Adventures. The 11th Doctor stories even have the same Young Adult feel that other tie-ins to the 11th Doctor stories have. I recommend the graphic novels to Doctor Who fans. My individual reviews for the graphic novels can be found on my GoodReads page (see widget on lower right of this blog.)

I also went to my Gentle Yoga class for exercise. It was more “core” work, so hard – but it made me feel good when I was able to do what I could. I didn’t exercise at home as well, though, which has been a good for a while now.

The rest of the week was filled with working on my A+ class. I attended class twice (which is when it meets). I read and took notes on the two chapters due for last week. I also started and finished reading chapter 14, which is due this coming Thursday, so for once I’m ahead on reading. I also completed my review questions for chapters 12 and 13, which are due on Tuesday. I really wish the instructor would hand out the questions in advance, so we could do them with the reading, instead of waiting a week. I took my second 50 Question quiz and received a 92%, which is passing. I’m still frustrated at not getting 100% though. I did figure out what the test writers want for the Micro ATX verses Mini-ITX size question (which I got twice, which is unfair but anyway.) The text clearly says the Micro ATX and Mini-ITX are the exact same size. According to the test questions, Mini is smaller than Micro. So I’ll just have to memorise that. I figured it out by answering one question to say Micro was smaller and one to say Mini was smaller then watched which question was marked wrong. Such is the way of learning in the days of NCLB and Prometric. Sigh. This was by the way the second set of questions where the same question appeared twice. That’s simply an unfair testing metric, and is geared to lower test scores. Next hurdle in class is an actual test – no books, no Internet, 90 minutes (so, even though it covers chapters 14 and 15) we won’t have time to review the material in class, because Tuesday we’re watching paint dry, um, that is, installing Windows. Yes, I know it’s important to know how to do that, and if you intend to become a sysadmin, chances are you’ll need to be able to install Windows. But it’s unlikely you’ll run a consumer installation on an individual machine in a business environment. Rather you’ll probably use Norton Ghost and re-image the PC, or use RIS or Windows Deployment Services and roll out updates to a bunch of machines at once over a network. But for the average user, installing Windows is like changing the oil in your car. I don’t change my oil – I take it to an expert. Or at least an instant oil change place. That means I don’t have to get my hands dirty, spill oil on the garage floor, or struggle with doing something I don’t have to tools to do. For roughly the same cost as buying the oil myself, I can bring it someplace where they have special tools, and they are experts, and get the oil changed and all the fluids topped off, plus new windshield wipers, all in 30 minutes or less. Installing Windows is the same – you are so much better off buying a PC with Windows pre-installed (as well as necessary software like Microsoft Office Professional), than trying to do it yourself. Not that it’s even hard – but if you mess-up, you’ve ruined your computer; and failing that, like all software installs, it’s boring. Even the text notes various points in the installation process where all you will do is wait. And wait. Then wait some more.

So that was my week. Looking forward to this week: class twice for A+, Gentle Yoga Class once a week, studying for Thursday’s test, at least three blog posts, a movie review, and posting reviews to GoodReads for anything I finish reading (which should be a Doctor Who book). I should exercise at least two days besides my Yoga Class day though. It should be a good week.


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