Agile Update – Week 44

Last week was a busy but successful week. In terms of professional development I spent most of the week studying for my first closed-book test in my A+ class. Up to now we’ve had open-book quizzes, and I’ve passed them all but made some somewhat basic mistakes that prevented me getting perfect scores. Well, I’m happy to report that I passed the test with 830 out of 900, which is an excellent score. My studying consisted of reviewing the previous chapters by writing out the chapter vocabulary (using the glossary from the book), watching some of the Professor Messer videos on-line, as review, and preparing and reading the notes from the videos. For me, personally, watching the videos first or before doing the reading doesn’t help. However, they are excellent for reviews, and then to review the video, the video notes are extremely helpful. I also made a e-book from the video notes, which my instructor wanted a copy of when I showed it to him. And since this is “vacation” week, I need to get that done as well as the reading for the next class. I’m proud of the score on the test though. This isn’t the actual A+ certification exam, but it is my first test – so I’m very happy about that.

Last week was good for writing too. I wrote three blog posts on this WordPress blog. I wrote my normal weekly Agile Update post. I wrote a review – of The Batman Season 2, which I’d watched before, but not in a long time. I also started watching Season 3. My third post was on Twitter Basics. Not only was this a technical post, something I try to do on a regular basis, but it gave me a chance to show what I know and have learned not simply by using Twitter for five years, but from following accounts like @TweetSmarter which is a great resource for learning about Twitter, and then branching out into research on Social Media for business and marketing. Not that I’m also running a business, but one can always learn, and the business-oriented infographics, blog posts, and articles have tips and tricks anyone can use. I also wanted to teach just the basics about Twitter for a general audience that isn’t familiar with the microblogging service. I may do a more advanced Twitter post later. Finally, my personal Twitter account went over 360 followers this past week which makes me both happy and humbled.


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