Agile Update – Week 45

Last week I wrote three posts on WordPress, my regular Agile Update, a post of the best speeches from Doctor Who, and a list of the Doctor Who Writers. Both the Speeches post and the Writers posts needed a fair amount of research and prep work before I was able to write and post them to WordPress. For the speeches post, choosing the speeches I wanted was the easy part, but getting the verbatim speeches took a little work. First, I checked the list of quotes from Doctor Who that I’ve kept as a Word Doc for, well, it seems like forever. Then, I checked my blank book TARDIS journal that I now use to record great lines and bits of dialogue. This gave me about half of the quotes I needed. Then, I re-watched the episodes that I wanted dialogue from, and transcribed the speeches. I, quite literally, sat there and wrote out the speeches word-for-word, writing down about 5-7 words at a time, hitting pause, going back to check my work, then recording the next sentence. It’s time-consuming. I also did something somewhat unusual for me in how I normally watch Doctor Who and went not only directly to the particular episode or story I wanted, such as “The Pandorica Opens”, but for Classic Who going directly to the specific episode, such as episode 10 of “The War Games” or episode 6 of “Genesis of the Daleks”, rather than watching the entire story. I’ve never watched Doctor Who like that. Well, I have, sometimes gone directly to a particular story, but normally I wouldn’t watch just part of a story. Next, I also searched youTube for clips of the episodes. I found most of the clips I needed, which I included in my post. So, I watched a lot of Doctor Who last week. I also wrote my weekly Agile post. And, when I commented about Capaldi’s incredible speech and performance in “The Zygon Inversion” on Twitter and/or Facebook, one of my friends on Facebook asked a very astute question, “Who wrote it?” And I realised that even though I had compiled, kept track of, and posted a number of different list concerning Doctor Who – I’d never listed the writers of the television show – so, from a number of different sources (three books and a website) I compiled a list of the show’s writers. Halfway through that project I realised I should also include the episode or story directors – so that comes next.

Also, I posted a review of Doctor Who State of Change to GoodReads, see widget on lower right of this blog. State of Change was one of the most fun Missing Adventures novels that I’ve read. I’m also closing in on finishing the entire Missing Adventures series – I have one more paperback novel to read and two or three e-books. I also have two e-books from the Past Doctor Adventures that I had missed when I collected those, as they were out-of-print and impossible to find. Reading all the Missing Adventures and PDAs is an accomplishment, but I think I’ll miss reading them too. Next up, the New Adventures, featuring the Seventh Doctor.

In terms of exercise, I did attend my gentle yoga class at church.

My A+ class was on break last week, after our first test. However, not only did I get an 830/900 score on the test, which was definitely a passing score – but I found out last night I had the highest score in the class. That is a definite confidence boaster! Still, last week, even though I was busy with other stuff I got a little bit of work done for class (just not as much as I wanted). On Tuesday, I went for a tutoring session and the instructor wasn’t there, but I ended-up installing Windows 7 as a dual-boot with Vista. I also spent some time in the classroom reviewing and studying and turned in my homework early.

Overall, though I didn’t get as much done for my class as I would have liked, I did write three well-researched blog posts, and write a book review, and attend yoga, and get some homework and studying done for my A+ class, so that was a successful week.


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