Agile Update – Week 46

This past week wasn’t so great for keeping up with my personal goals. The only post I wrote on this blog was my weekly Agile Update and that didn’t get done until Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday I worked on my class, getting chapter 16 done in the A+ book and finishing the handout for chapter 16 only. I did attend class Tuesday and Thursday – having had no class last week. It seemed very awkward being back in class after the one-week break. However, I did find out that not only did I have a good (and passing) score on the first test – but I received the best grade in the class – yea me! As I said, I also attended class on Thursday. It was a somewhat disjointed class, with the lecture instructor handling the lab too. I was able to set up my transcender account (quizzing software), and I did very well on his oral quiz on command line. I was actually though feeling nervous – I’m more confident in command line (DOS) than I thought I’d be – especially networking troubleshooting commands (because being essentially the network admin of my own home network – I’ve had to learn). But at the same time, I felt like either I wasn’t giving other people a chance to answer, or that I was showing off. I don’t know.

I applied to a tech writing job on-line – realizing after the fact that it was actually through a temp service and probably not a permanent position. This is why I’m going through this training with the hope of getting hired in – eventually. I just can’t do these 1-year assignments any more (and this one would require moving. True, it’s only about 45 minutes from where I currently live, but still, after a year, then what? I’d be living someplace with even less of a chance of getting a good job.)

I didn’t get to yoga this week. I didn’t feel like going and the weather was awful that day. And this week the class was cancelled because of Thanksgiving. I think I need to use my videos – at least a couple days.

Friday I had a great mother-daughter day with my Mom. We went to an early showing of The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2, which is a great mother-daughter movie, actually. The short version is – the movie was good, but didn’t have the political bent of Mockingjay Part 1, still it’s pretty good. The scenes in the tunnels didn’t do my claustrophobia any good though. After the movie, Mom and I had a good lunch, then did some grocery shopping. It was a good day.

Saturday we had a nasty snow storm, and even lost internet for a bit. Sunday, I started chapter 17 in my A+ textbook. Oh, and I passed the 370 mark for Twitter followers. Yea. I’ve also been better at remembering to thank people for following (sooner) and even following back for some accounts.

So, overall, though it wasn’t the best week, I did get some work done for class. I think part of my malaise is that Winter has hit, early, and also I miss my cat. I had to put her down on Thursday November 12th. Gabby was just such a sweet cat. She was 19, nearly 20, and it was her time. She’d been on subcutaneous fluids for kidney disease for 2-3 years which greatly improved her quality of life, but she was just getting so sick and was crying all the time, so it was her time and it had to be done. I just miss her.




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